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We need to help one another

You know what they say: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.”

So instead of presenting Relyef stamps at trade shows in Canada and the USA, we are sitting behind sewing machines sewing masks against Covid-19. Well, we’re not the ones sewing, but we are helping by printing holders for seamstresses. Although some members of our team have joined the volunteering and are sewing the masks too. 

After working on the holders for seamstresses, we dusted off the development of a respirator for glazes, which we thought could also be suitable against the virus. But such speedy implementations usually do not bring the desired result. And so, after a few prototypes, we took on the VUT project and completed the components for the respirator, unfortunately the resulting respirator is not suitable against the virus. However, if you are interested in its use in glazing, you can buy the components from us.

We strive to be beneficial to both our customers and society as a whole. So we got involved in the production of protective shields with all our production capacity. And, we donated part of the production to the hospital in Kroměříž and to the Oáza bistro free of charge.

That completed our part in the charity work. We believe that helping is necessary, but only within certain limits. Self-employed persons cannot replace the obligation of the state from an economic point of view, nor ethical. And in the sequence of events, we will again have to rely on ourselves and the laws of nature, including the market.

Thanks to the function of our media, we have approached a few other entities who send part of our production to those in need. Everything works based on the enthusiasm and awareness of individuals. Unfortunately, not thanks to the country’s system.

So we've moved further on. We created a set of stamps for joy. We supported the activity of the lecturers who founded the Czech FB group “Tvořte s hlínou doma” and we tried to spread the good mood. The teachers shared instructions on how to work with clay and stamps. How to have fun, but also to learn. Thus we partially supplemented not only the teaching of children, but also psychotherapy, in the form of art therapy. Mental health is as important as physical health in this situation. In addition, helping parents to keep their children busy will be invaluable in the coming days.

And because it's all about people, we'll share one more experience in the close. It is in times of need that people’s character truly shows. We believe that it is necessary to support local companies now, so we have supported the vegan and vegetarian bistro Oáza, which we love and which, despite the adversity, is trying to fight by opening up a streetfood window. Not only did we eat well and tasty with the feeling that it would help good things. In addition, we exchanged the food for the safety of the protective shield.

In any case, we recommend a healthy diet to everyone. Because a healthy organism is more resistant!

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