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Why Relyef

Who we are

Relyef is a small company from the Czech Republic, in the middle of Europe. We are making tools like stamps and rollers for clay decorating.

We are friends and coworkers who enjoy the pottery world. We believe that creativity and art bring happiness into our lives.

This is the reason why we enjoy making new patterns and textures for clay. Our aim is to support creativity and help people be proud of their ceramic products.

We are specialists in stamp producing, we have 30 years of experience in pottery making and 5 years in 3D printing.

Enjoy creating with us. Yours,

Tomáš, Radovan, David, Hana, Bel, Jakub, Matěj and Vojtěch

Why Relyef pottery tools


Each stamp is designed to the smallest detail and without any unwanted lines on the edges (which occur in home-made stamps).

This makes it possible for you to stamp as deep as the clay allows. And you always know with absolute accuracy where you are stamping.

The stamps can be used not only on ceramic clay but also on polymer clay, metal clay, or soaps


All stamps have a so-called graduated angle to achieve the best impression in the clay.

Thanks to this, the stamps respect the behavior (movement) of the clay and the clay is not pulled out of the decor after the stamp is printed.

Resulting in clean and sharp imprint of the pattern in the clay.


The stamps bear the Rélyéf logo, which marks the bottom side of the design. So you don't have to worry whether your stamp is oriented correctly. This is especially useful for alphabets where some letters are easily interchangeable.

Each stamp has a hole for a wooden stick, which makes it easier to work with. The rollers can be rolled with your fingers or with the handle.

We are making various holders and boxes for clearer handling and safer storage of the stamps.

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Stamps are made from biodegradable bioplast (PLA - polylactic acid). It is hard and durable material. Do not worry, the stamps will only degrade in a compost heap.

See the instructions on how to keep our tools in great condition for many years.

We are always looking for new ways how to produce and sell our tools that have minimal impact on the environment.


We have heard opinions that stamping is not creative enough. Our experience is the opposite. Using stamps develops creativity, customers are no longer afraid that the decoration will spoil their product. The stamps support fine motor skills resulting in gradually improving other decoration techniques.

Stamps are a great helper for pottery teachers or teachers in schools. It can also be a great tool for hobby ceramists in creating a gift for their loved ones, or professionals who can process their decorative potential in a new, non-traditional way.


"Even better quality than I had hoped"

Holy Crap! I love these! they are sharp, well made, nice and deep impressions, and a breeze to use. they are exactly as pictured on the site, so I happily got exactly what I was expecting, but even better quality than I had hoped for. Thank you so much!

RICK ROBINSON, Etsy customer

"These ceramic stamps are the best ever!"

The impression they make on the clay is clear, there is no sticking to the stamp so you get such a nice impression. I gave my first set to a friend and ordered a second set for myself. This shop ships incredibly fast, so don't worry about buying if you are in the US, you will get your stuff quickly. Thank you Relyef! I will definitely be purchasing more stamps from you in the future."

CORREY POPP, Etsy customer

"No words to express how well crafted they are."

Dear Relyef, whoever is there in your team, this special message out for you. The stamps are just superb. No words to express how well crafted they are. Even the roller I bought in a set, is just perfect. Kudos! Best regards,

AMIT AMEMBAL, Etsy customer

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