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Slab building inspiration: Decorative garden ceramics

We were inspired by fossils.
The object we decided to create resembles a shark's fin or a tooth. 

First, we create the slabs. Then we cut them into shapes matching the individual parts of our template and decorate them. 

We continue by attaching them to the cardboard template using a slip-and-scored method. It is necessary to attach slabs properly to ensure the connection will not break while drying.  

Then let the fin reach the leather stage while resting on the cardboard template.

The walls of the fin must be thick enough to withstand the intended procedures.

Usually, we would have to cut the leather hard vessel to be able to take out the cardboard template. But we decided to have fun and push boundaries and we burned the cardboard out. 

(Please, if you try this, make sure you are safe, these actions were performed by professionals.)

After partial drying and cutting, we reattached the parts together.

We specially modified the kiln for this object.

We sprayed the dry object with an engobe.

For which we had expert supervision 😀

Getting the container into the kiln required not only space but also strength.

We filled the remaining space in the kiln with other ceramics to help us render the surface of our object.

After reaching the desired temperature, we started the charcoal reduction process.

We uncovered the chamber and poured in the coal at exactly 1250°C.

(This is a dangerous task! Before attempting to perform charcoal reduction yourself, seek professional experience with those who do it regularly - never underestimate fire!)

After the kiln had cooled down, we cleaned and preserved the container so that it would last a long time in the garden.

In any case, we had fun!


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