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Kuro Raku - Introduction

Tea ceramics is, just like Raku ceramics, a special discipline that has its own rules. An important link between these two disciplines is the production of chanoyu vessels.

Tea ceremony bowls have special requirements. For many years, or rather centuries, their production was the privilege of a few masters. Such mastery was passed down from generation to generation. 

We have prepared a slightly different story. But we believe that it’s quite inspiring.

In the Czech Republic it wasnt common to have knowledge about chanoyu. Let alone the secret of making bowls intended for it.

However, the discovery of a historical scroll in Japanese antique shops and the passion of enthusiastic potters set things in motion. It took several years, but the results are fantastic.

Don't be afraid to try the impossible.

Read about how a group of ceramic friends managed to unravel centuries-old secrets. 

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Photo documentation:

tea ceremony


geology, materials and application techniques

furnaces, their construction and firing curves

Kuro Raku Rélyéf

creating a bowl and its essentials 

evaluation and verification of experience

An event beyond local significance: Festiwal Wysokich Temperatur

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